Daily Archives: October 28, 2009

TFI #41

41. What is the difference between infallible teaching and authentic teaching?

I think the distinction he is trying to make with infallible/authentic is that the infallible teachings are the ones which are on faith and morals, ex cathedra; and the authentic teachings are also true teachings of the Church that we should pay attention to, but which are not infallible. 

Four levels of the teachings of the Magisterium: 
1.  Solemn definitions of the content of Revelation 
2.  Definitive pronouncements related to truths of faith 
3.  Nondefinitive declarations promoting the understanding of revealed truth 
4.  Prudential and contingent applications of doctrine.

TFI #40

40. Why do we call it a college of bishops and not a federation of bishops?

They were called as one.  The bishops together as a college teach infallibly.  Without the Pope, there is no College of Bishops.  Each individual bishop can go astray.  A federation is a group of equals working collaboratively.  They do not speak with one voice as in the case of the College.

TFI #37

37. What is the Pope?

The Bishop of Rome.  He is the successor to Peter, who was given the keys to the kingdom and was placed in authority.  The Pope has primacy over the other bishops.  His ministry includes ministry to the local church, leadership of the apostles (the college of bishops), and leadership of the Church as a whole.  He is the Vicar of Christ.