This is me: kissy face and pigtails!

About Jennie

This is me: kissy face and pigtails!

What can I say about me? I’ve had a full and varied life so far. I’ve been in the military working as an Electronics Technician, Nuclear field. I’ve managed a photo lab and instructed photography. I’ve done desktop support. I have worked as a secretary for surgeons at the University of Michigan. I worked as a Credentialed Trainer for the Cadence/Patient Scheduling application of MiChart (Epic Systems). Currently, I am a Business Systems Analyst and Knowledge Manager working with HITS at Michigan Medicine.

I have studied Microbiology, Genetics, Embryology, Virology, American Culture, Race/Ethnicity, Women’s Studies, and Nursing. I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Moral Theology and hope to continue on to get my PhD in Bioethics. Maybe even an MD in Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

Medically, I’ve been a train wreck for quite some time. I have so many diagnoses that I could have my own bowl of alphabet soup. The latest one is the most interesting as well as the one which will have the most impact on my life. I have been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder; a mitochondrial myopathy. By the way it is acting, it seems to be most consistent with the MELAS variety, although my neurologist says that with these mitochondrial myopathies, they affect each individual differently, so that is not so important. Significantly, they are terminal and degenerative. There is no treatment, so my doctors can only try to support me and deal with new symptoms as they come up.

On Easter Vigil 2007, I entered the Catholic Church. Previously, I was either atheist or an incredibly lazy agnostic, for I didn’t know if God existed and I didn’t do anything to find out. Obviously, that has completely changed — all due to God’s grace. None of this was me. In addition to grace for conversion, He has given me such grace throughout my struggles.

In January 2014, I became a godmother to a beautiful, creative, dramatic little girl whom I love to pieces.

In November 2021, I drove 1,000 miles and showed up unannounced on a friend’s doorstep, then took him on a whirlwind, cross-country roadtrip across 9 states and back. We found adventure, but also each other.

I love my life and I am filled with joy most days, even with the pain and physical limitations. Thanks be to God! 🙂

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