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I was called….

Okay, last year on this date, I decided that I was going to join the Catholic Church (before I ever stepped foot in the door). But, I was certain, and so I Googled “Catholic churches troy mi,” and found two: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Anastasia. Since SEAS was located closer to my old high school (and I was worried that I might run into parents of friends, which would be awkward), I decided to attend St. Anastasia the next day, with the thought that if I didn’t like it, I could always go to the other church the following week.

So, while tomorrow is the anniversary of the first day that I stepped foot inside St. Anastasia and attended a Mass, today is the anniversary of the day I felt that I should be Catholic and resolved to do something about that.

How incredible was it for me to go to Mass today and hear our pastor give his homily on the baptism of our Lord, and how He was called to start His ministry; and how we are called to be the light of Christ to others. Then, he had us renew our baptismal promises. This was all so special and meaningful to me, because it was this day that I also felt called to follow Christ, and He lead me into His church. I know that Easter, too, is going to be this amazing time for me, as the anniversary of when I was baptized and officially entered the Catholic Church, but I wanted to take some time here to acknowledge all of the amazing people who have come into my life, and helped me on my journey last year; who welcomed me and taught me and included me, and so much more! God bless you all! And Praise God for His goodness!

As an aside, being me, I had to make sure that our pastor knew of the significance of this day for me, so I told him all this after Mass.  He said, “Happy Anniversary!  I’m so glad you made that decision [to come to church last year and become Catholic]!”  Now, I just have to reach my other priest (pastor of the church where I attend daily Mass), the one who baptized me, to thank him for scaring me to death last year, January 14th.  🙂  But, I’ll leave the details of that for tomorrow’s posting….  🙂