World Kidney Day

Today is World Kidney Day!  Whoo-hoo! 

Why am I so excited, do you ask?  Okay, well I guess any reason to celebrate….  🙂  But no, I *passed* my kidney function tests!  🙂  Who would have thought?  I am notoriously bad to my kidneys.  I think they continue to function just to spite me, some days.  They ignore my coffee-drinking, water-avoiding ways.  They have adapted to my chronically dehydrated state.

 So, today at work, there is a bulletin posted about World Kidney Day with a link to their own website.

Oddly, I have failed my liver function tests.  How bizarre is that?  I would say that I don’t really tax my liver, as I do not really drink, and have not yet been drunk — ever.  However, liver also helps to deal with sugar issues and I suppose that I am defective in that department, along with the whole clotting thing, and the liver makes the clotting factors, and mine are all kinds of wonky.  🙂

 As a P.S., I will have to note that I am starting (again) my medicine.  [Insert whining, kicking and screaming here.]  Just saying, isn’t medicine supposed to make you feel *better*???  /rant

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