Ping-flooding the Self-destruct Button

Little White Book, Thursday 3/27

“We all have wounds — from broken relationships, injuries, setbacks, crime, tragedies.  Perhaps some wounds were the result of our own mistakes.  Some may still be bleeding.”

“…the Lord uses the dissonance of my wounds to create something beautiful within me.”

 Today, I am particularly having some problems with my “scar tissue.”  Especially because I am not in a very good position to actually deal with it, so it’s being shoved aside to fester.  Some days, I really need to have my Father gather me in His arms and hold me as I cry.  And at this point, I need tangible, concrete physical holding here.  I am a body-spirit mix, and I need combined healing.

This is what I need.  But, not knowing how to have this come about, here I am, trying not to ping-flood the self-destruct button — looking for alternative solutions.

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