Who I Am, A-Z….

The theme for this meme is: using the 26 letters of the alphabet, express who you are, what you do, your interests, what matters to you etc. You have to write it within 26 minutes.  Taken from Kasia:

Am a/an:
A. Avid talker
B. Bouncy
C. Competitive, Candid, Catholic (but not competitive in my Catholicism per se, no Rosary-making prayer-writing competitions in my immediate future; however, I *am* candid about my Catholicism)
D.  Dancer, especially in my pajamas or in the street late at night or, you know, both of those… 🙂
E. Enthusiastic individual
F. Friendly person
G. Giggler
H. Health-challenged
I.  Inquisitive
J. Jenniebean, Jaibee, Jennifurball (but only to John)
K. Kind, on my better days
L. Loyal
M. Mischievous
N. Nut
O. Obsessed with order, so much so, that if I cannot find a place for something to “live,” it ends up in a heap until it can be properly categorized, labeled and arranged — end result being that I look as if I’m a slob; however, you can have lots of fun repeatedly messing up my colored pencils and watching me put them back into proper order according to wavelength
P. Photographer; Present-giver
Q. Quirky
R. Reckless (this is what my confessor told me about me)
S. Starbucks patron; Sassy; Sharer
T. Thrill-seeking
U. Ubiquitous, and stealthy — figure that one out!
V. Voracious reader
W. World Youth Day pilgrim
X.  XO – second in command, my favorite position of power
Y. Yearning — for many things:  a deeper relationship with/understanding of God, children, peace
Z. Zoo patron – formerly

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