Independence Day – A pictorial review

We ate yummy food:
Alexa with her cookie
We played in the pool:
There were pretty flowers:
There was the usual cast of characters:
Alexa eating a cookiePetrosDSCN0714VanessaUncle MattDadSandraMatthew and LucaMicheCanadian JenDSCN0778DSCN0813DSCN0823DSCN0825DSCN0845
We played bocce ball:
(Sorry, for some reason, most of my favorite pictures today are of Alexa….)
We took rides with our drinks in hand:
We gathered to eat:
We sat around looking cute (Haha):
Don't I look sweet?  Don't be fooled!
We made a mess:
Tie-Dye Disaster
And we watched pretty fireworks:

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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