Daily Archives: September 16, 2008

A New Semester Begins!

This year, Lindsay, Terry and I are studying Jeff Cavins‘s Adventures in Matthew, part of the Great Adventure series.  I am so excited to be starting Bible study again!  I have really missed it since last year.  We started off the “school year” right, with Lindsay bringing a delicious dinner of lasagna with home-grown veggies, and grapes to snack on during class.  I thought it was hilarious.  Less than 2 years ago, I wasn’t even thinking of joining the Church.  1 year ago, I was just starting going to daily Mass and getting more involved.  Now, we are taking over the social hall dining room/silverware for our dinner — we are moving in!  🙂

Here is the scene this morning, as I have taken the day off to **finally** have my dryer delivered (Yay!  I can actually do my laundry at home!  Read more on the laundry saga here):
A New Semester Begins!
As you can see, I have my Bible (kind of important, you know, for a Bible study), my Catechism (hiding under the Matthew binder), the binder for Adventures in Matthew containing the Questions and the Answers (promise, I won’t cheat — except if you count it to be cheating to answer your questions in front of the Tabernacle), paper/notes, and the ever-necessary Starbucks!

 Yippee!  I’m so excited to see what we will learn this year!  Last year’s Great Adventure Bible Timeline was a great, great course for me, and really helped me to understand the stories of the Bible and to get some idea of the history (coming from no background at all, it gave me a MUCH needed foundation).  I highly recommend this series to anyone wanting to get to know the Bible better.