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Magnificat Meditation of the Day

Humility and the Father’s Love

Why did my Father give you power over me?
Because he wanted me to get very close to you
to show you the depths of his love for you;
not the distant love of a God
who sits on a throne in his heaven
and looks down on you on the earth,
but the love of a Father who longs to help you
to carry your burdens,
to comfort and heal you,
to give you every good gift.
He wants to come into your homes,
and to sit with you at your meals
as one of the family.
He wants to walk with you as a beloved friend.
He could not do that himself
and so he sent me, his only Son,
to make his love known to you.

I could take on your weakness
and then act out my Father’s name which is Love.
Can you truly imagine the love of God?
Can you understand the depth
of your Father’s love for you?

The Father sent me to show you his love,
and to act it out among you
to give you an example to copy.
I am the image of your unseen Father,
in my life, and particularly in my passion,
I showed you the depths
to which love must be prepared to go.
There is no room for fear in love,
no room for shame,
no excuses,
no holidays.
Love offers everything
and expects no return.

You cannot bear the unveiled love of God.
It falls like a fire upon you
and you are consumed and burnt up in its heat.
You are not ready yet to be refined
and purified by the naked flame
of your Father’s love for you,
and so it has to be filtered,
mediated to you through my flesh. — Richard Hobbs

I was just looking up the Mass reading for the day in the Magnificat and I opened up to the meditation of the day. I just love this. Not only is it a great expression of Jesus, but I feel a personal connection to these words as well. I feel that I also am called to mediate God’s love to a particular person. I also feel that this person has incredible power over me. Not that this person is entirely aware of my calling, but that in what this person does, says, feels and experiences, I am also affected. We truly are one Body in Christ, and I feel that most keenly with this person. The way in which I help to carry burdens, comfort and heal is in my daily, continual prayer for this person. I pray night and day and all the time in between. It truly is an act of love, and not done for any false sense of piety. And in this loving, I learn how to love. By opening myself up to God’s love, poured out through me, I learn from His example.

The Only Bit of Good News…

From an excerpt of a University of Michigan press release talking of the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Consortium:

In addition to deriving new embryonic stem cell lines, researchers will use recently developed techniques to convert adult skin cells into induced pluripotent stem cells, known as iPS cells. These reprogrammed cells display the most scientifically valuable properties of embryonic stem cells, while enabling researchers to bypass embryos altogether.

Yes, please, bypass the embryos.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures


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Okay, with Neko out of commission, I had to pull out my dinosaur laptop. Seriously, it took 20 minutes to boot. And forget about looking up anything online. πŸ™‚ But, it did function, just really, really slowly. πŸ™‚

I hope that my desktop is fixable. Or that someone reading this blog will have some extra money that they don’t know what to do with, and would like to buy me a brand-spanking new MacBook, for me to take with me to grad school. πŸ™‚ That would be awesome! πŸ™‚

Speaking of school, classes start on May 4, and I take my GREs this Saturday. Kinda nervous about that. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten everything they are going to test me on. Pray for me, please! πŸ™‚