TFI #13

13.  What was Melchior Cano’s contribution to theological Methodology?

Cano set up the concept of drawing upon wide and various source for theological study.  He introduces the concept of “loci,” which are various places or fields in which one can seek the content of Revelation.  He thought that Scripture and Tradition made up the primary and secondary loci.  What is contained in the first two loci are further developed by the following five loci:

A) The faith of the universal body of believers
B) Synods and Councils
C) The Roman Church and its bishop
D) The Fathers of the Church
E) Scholastic Theologians

There are other loci that Cano called “annexes”:
1. Arguments of natural reason
2. Views of philosophers
3. Lessons of human history
While these do not claim to be sources of revelation, they can give us a perspective. E.g. Philosophy can give us a lens to interpret revelation.

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