TFI #28

28. Why are fundamentalism and scriptura sola flawed concepts?

Sola scriptura is the belief that in Scripture alone we can find certain Revelation and encouraged private interpretation over anything.  Fundamentalism is the extreme position that the only surety we can have about Biblical revelation is what seems obvious from the text itself.  Sola scriptura is, itself, not scriptural, in that nowhere in the Scriptures does is say that the Scriptures are the only source of Revelation.  It is also problematic when you consider that it took many centuries for the Bible as it is now to be formed, prior to the writing of the Scriptures and discerning of the canon, the faith was handed down via oral tradition and cultural teachings of the faith (Sacred Tradition and the Church, or in pre-messianic era, through the rabbis, priests, and prophets of Israel).  Another problem is that if we are not bound by the Magisterium, then we have no reference to guide our person interpretations, and we can fall into error — everything becomes relative.  Basically, we are on our own.  Yet, the Holy Spirit has been sent to guide the Church.  Once you lose faith in the Spirit working in the Church, you are alone.

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