TFI #52

52. Be able to identify 2 Christological Heresies and explain them

Adoptionism:  Jesus Christ is the son of God only by adoption.  He did not have a divine nature per se, but the Father is willing to accept this imperfect Son as His own and raise him to perfection.

Arianism:  Claimed that the Son of God was a created being, “came to be from things that were not,” and therefore has a different substance than the Father.

Nestorianism:  Christ was first a divine person who then put aside his divinity and became human.  Christ could be God or man, but He could not be both.  Mary is then a Christ-bearer, but not a God-bearer.  Mary was the main issue here.

Monophysite Heresy:  The Divine nature of Christ completely overtook the human nature of Christ, so that all that was left was a divine nature, and no elements of human nature remained.

Personal Subject Heresy:  Some later claimed that Christ’s human nature was the “personal” side, or subject of Jesus.  That in some sense, the human deeds and weakness of Jesus could be attributed to his human subject, and his miracles to his Divine nature.

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