Happy Thursday!

Pope Benedict XVI

Originally uploaded by Jari Kurittu

Some days you just need a little smile from your Papa to make you feel better! 🙂

I think today should be Optimism Thursday — just because.

Let’s try an exercise in optimism. Post in the comments what you are optimistic about, thankful for or looking forward to!

While terribly sad for all the people affected by the earthquake disaster in Haiti, I am encouraged by the people who have been quick to give of themselves for their brothers in need.

I am hopeful that this Year of the Priest will be incredibly fruitful, both for the priests themselves as they benefit from the grace offered and multitude of prayers from the faithful, as well as people in general, as they learn more of the vocation of the priesthood and, concurrently, the vocation of the laity.

As we heard recently, it a duty of the lay person to evangelize and sanctify the world. It is the duty of the priest to equip the laity for this task.

No one lives in a bubble — Thanks be to God! We all rely on each other and live in community and in communion.

God’s peace and love to you all!

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