Daily Archives: February 26, 2010

Talking to God about Unity

For your reading pleasure, here is an excerpt from my prayer journal regarding a passage from The Lord“>”The Lord” by Romano Guardini.

In speaking of the people You raised from the dead, he says, “It is expressly stated how profoundly shaken Jesus is by these encounters. At such times, He seems to step into the fate of the individual, ordering the events of the world from the inside. For one instant created by the Savior’s love, a human heart forms the decisive center of world reality.”

Reading this makes me think that somehow unity is essential. Which is why miracles cannot occur if I do not have faith. If I am not open to having You inside me — united to me — then I cannot benefit from Your transforming power which you want to share with me. Because you don’t work exteriorly, but interiorly, even with the physical world?

Somehow, the concept of knowing something or understanding something means that you must penetrate the surface and get to the core of that entity. To control water, you need to understand water in all its aspects — you need to get inside it and almost become the water to see things as water sees things so as to effect change. So, too, with men and men’s hearts — with the necessary allowances made for our free will.

I think that is the problem most of the time; we either don’t let You in, or if we do, we hold back — trying to remain attached to what is us and under our control and thus thwart (to a greater or lesser extent) that unity which You seek and by which You can heal us.

Not to say that if we block You, that You do not have many other avenues to try to reach us, through other things and people who are open to You, but I think the efficacy would be better, more direct, more powerful, if we would submit and allow for this complete unity with You.