Daily Archives: March 9, 2010

Dangerous Prayers: Hail Mary

So, this morning I happened to be praying on the way to Mass (shocking, right?) 2nd Sorrowful Mystery. And here’s the dangerous part: I was thinking about what I was praying. 🙂

Here’s my thoughts, for your amusement:

We ask for God’s forgiveness for our sins, and for adding to His pain on the cross. But, do we ever ask Mary for her forgiveness for hurting her Son? Here we are, praying the Hail Mary, asking for her intercession, asking for her to pray for us sinners. Us sinners. The ones whose sins caused such pain in her Son. Pain that she had to witness, which I’m sure broke her heart. Do we think of her pain, when we ask for her intercession? Probably not as much as we really should.

Today, I was the one holding the scourging whip during that sorrowful mystery. And I REALLY don’t want to be that person. 😦 Not only does it hurt Him who has given me everything, but our Mother is also right there…watching.