Something Happened Today At Adoration

Here I am at Adoration. I’ve been here over 2 hours already. I’m reading a book of prayers for the souls in Purgatory.

Suddenly, I just begin weeping. Tears are running down my face and I’m trying to breathe shallowly and evenly so that the 5-7 other people here won’t realize that I’m crying.

Then, just as suddenly, there’s this scent — like incense and flowers. No one has come in or gone out or gotten something from a purse or bag. No reason that I can see for the sudden scent.

I sit there, staring at the Lord; praying, praying. I’m not quite sure *what* I was praying but it was rather intense.

And, then it was over. My tears stopped and the scent went away. All I smelled then was the sweat of the man sitting in front of me.

Like nothing happened.


Something just did.

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