Early Morning Reflections on Hell

For some reason this morning, I was reflecting on the nature of hell, and how someone had described it to me as being a place of eternal frustration and the condition of being entirely without God. And I thought about that for a bit. And wondered about all the little things that happen during the course of a normal day: waking up in time even though I’ve shut off the alarm, having the light turn green at the right moment, someone letting me merge, seeing something before it becomes an accident, leftover catering at work so I don’t have to buy lunch, the cool breeze on a hot day, a day at work when things go well, finding that match for my sock — countless, countless things which I normally take so for granted, I’m not even aware of them.


Maybe they aren’t random. Maybe they are evidence of God’s constant presence in my life. Certainly, without these everyday blessings, I would be frustrated indeed. And that sounds rather like hell.

I’m thinking that we are all probably far more blessed than we could possibly imagine.

And that just fills me with this overwhelming sense of awe, wonder, gratitude and love for Him. 🙂

God bless your day!

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