Birmingham in October

Today was a beautiful day. Terry and I decided to take some pictures while we walked around Birmingham.

I loved the colors of the leaves on the trees!

Some of the neighbors had decorated for Halloween. Oddly enough, one had a little statue of me. They must have caught me on a day I didn’t go to Mass and hadn’t been to Starbucks yet. 😛


Then, a bunch of random photosniping:


And there was this:
RAR! - dscn0043

We walked over to the little park they had downtown. In the middle, there was this odd statue. I’m not sure what the significance of the sculpture is, but I like to call it, “Here, honey, I’m throwing you to the birds….”

And just look at all these cute kids in their Halloween costumes! 🙂

My only question…
What IS this??!?
It's a....??? - dscn0072

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