End of Lent Examen

Wadowice Confessional by sacerdotal
Wadowice Confessional, a photo by sacerdotal on Flickr.

How perfect is this?! We are at the end of Lent and about to enter into the Triduum. Holy Week. It’s a great time to do an examination of conscience, review what I have done over the course of Lent, and to make that final trip to the confessional.

How appropriate that we are reading 2 Timothy in class? It reads just like an examination of conscience in 2 Tim 3:

People will be…

Self-centered — Ugh. Check.
Lovers of money — No…. But does “haters of bills” count?
Proud — maybe?
Haughty — I don’t think so….
Abusive — Not that I know of, but I haven’t been around any marshmallow Peeps recently….
Disobedient to their parents — well, my parents haven’t asked anything of me recently….
Ungrateful — Ooooh. This could be painful if they count the things I tend to take for granted….
Irreligious — hmmm….
Callous — Not typically
Implacable — No
Slanderous — I don’t think so.
Licentious — Depends on which definition of Webster’s you are looking at. We’ll put that down as a “maybe”….
Brutal — oh, yes, vicious even! LOL! Okay, that’s probably a “no.”
Hating what is good — Noooo….
Traitors — no….
Reckless — Check. *sigh*
Conceited — But I *am* awesome! Oh…wait….
Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God — Eeep!

I think if we really pray with this passage, there is much which will convict us. Or me. You guys are probably all fine and stuff.

What time’s Confession??

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