MiChart: Go Live!

The first few days of Go Live were quite exciting for the MiChart crew! We wore our magical MiChart polo shirt to signify that we were Credentialed Trainers (and were *still* mistaken for Super Users, even though they had bright orange/yellow T-shirts). We deployed to various places around the Health System, ready and willing to field whatever problems might arise!

I was originally scheduled to be in the Command Center with Noel, as Carolyn was out, and arrived at Domino’s Farms early at 5:30 am.

A couple hours in, and Irene re-deployed me to the MPB, where Peds did not have any CTs or Super Users for the entire building. It was a good thing that I went, as their templates were messed up and we needed to fix things so that they could schedule RV appointments at the conclusion of clinic. It was fun to be in Peds Multispecialty again and I enjoyed working with the people there.

Cori, one of the Administrative Assistants, showed me how very dedicated they were to being green, as she jumped into a recycling bin to squish down the paper, so that we could fit more in:
We are DEDICATED to being green!  :)

I was in Peds for a day and a half, and then was recalled back to the Command Center, as Noel was getting swamped with Remedy tickets.

The Command Center was a blast! People (like Kevin, here) had placed caution tape up on the entrances to their offices and cubes:
Caution tape in the Command Center!

For the first few days, we had yummy meals catered to us! They usually came in themes: Chinese, Mexican, etc. They fed us breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack, and there were snackies and drinks available throughout. This meant that you ate as you worked. 🙂 We knew it was going to be hard-core when they told us the location of the laundry facilities in the building, told us of the availability of showers, and that there was 2 hotel rooms nearby reserved for our use.

We even had Zombie Cake!
Mmmm...  Zombie Cake!

There was a night pantry, well-stocked for the late nights on the job:
The Late Night Pantry!
The bison toys, canned meat and blankie were special touches, as well as:

5 Hour Energy Drinks! A whole CASE of them!
A whole box of 5 hour energy!

Dammit Doll!
This thing is perhaps the most awesome of all! 🙂

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