Where Do I Write?

Okay, so Jennifer Fulwiler (who is like another me, only with a bigger fan base, more dedication to blogging regularly, a husband and kids, many inches in height, and the whole scorpion thing… other than that — identical!) commented in a recent post that she wanted to see the spaces in which we write. Oh, boy. My house is a mess, but here you go! πŸ™‚

This is my Laptop by the Futon. It’s here “temporarily” because my desktop has decided not to be able to turn on. I think I might need to replace the battery in the motherboard, but I’ve not yet bought the battery. So, I instead set the laptop on a snack tray and contort myself uncomfortably in the futon to be able to write. It’s kind of sad, but I’ve found it useful to always have a computer on hand. You never know when you might need to look something up, add something to your Amazon wishlist (how I window-shop), or post something to your blog or FB page. πŸ™‚
Laptop by the Futon

Where I *really* like to write is at my desk in my office:
The Desk of Doom
I affectionately call it the Desk of Doom, because it’s so large. You can’t even see all of it in this photo! However, since the desktop is “sleeping,” (Wake up, Fishie! Why you sleeping?) I find it more annoying when I’m in the middle of studying to run to the other room if I want to go online.

So, the point of the story is….
Please send over someone who can fix my desktop! With a battery! πŸ™‚

Thanks! Love you and God Bless!

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