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Quick Takes Friday: Super Early Morning Edition!

— 1 —

Yesterday, I got about 3.5 hours of sleep. This means that I was super tired on the drive home after work.  So, I went right to bed.  At 4 pm.  Of course, I woke up just before midnight.  After “a full night’s sleep.”  There’s no fighting this, so I’m just going to stay up.  It will make for a long day today, but with Starbucks God anything is possible, right?  🙂

— 2 —

This section was deleted.  By my computer.  I don’t know if I accidentally brush the touchpad in the wrong way, but this stupid laptop likes to randomly select text.  So, if I’m writing something, it will have inserted text where it doesn’t belong, or randomly have highlighted something so that I’m typing over (and deleting) what I previously worked on.  Jerk computer.

— 3 —

I am going to have so many pictures for you to look at! This past weekend, I went on retreat at Marysville Retreat Center, near Holly, MI.  That is a gorgeous location.  The rooms are huge, too!  I could seriously live here.  Except maybe for the goose poop everywhere.  You really had to watch your step with that.  But they had Sandhill cranes that came to visit in the morning!  This was probably the best retreat I’ve been on yet!

— 4 —

This week at work was Go Live! Meaning that our implementation was put into production.  All of our hard work at preparing must have paid off, because the past couple days have been QUIET.  Freaky quiet.  I kind of miss the frenzied pace of the last Go Live.  It was pretty fun, actually, and our days flew by.  Wednesday, the first day of Go Live, we were supposed to be working a 12 hour day.  We got to leave 2 hours early and then set up staggered shifts for the rest of the week.  So, instead of working 6 am to 6 pm today, I will be working 6 am to 2:30 pm.  I must say, I’m liking these hours!  It makes my commute AWESOME to not have to deal with rush hour traffic.

— 5 —

Our team is going to be making breakfast today! We will have eggs with cheddar cheese, pancakes with syrup, turkey bacon and regular bacon.  I can’t wait!  Since I got up so early, it’s like lunch time for me.  But we have to wait until Nick gets here at 9:30 am.  The only sad point is that Justin and Carolyn aren’t here to share our meal.  The impetus for this breakfast is the discovery of a rangetop in the Board Room here at NCAC…  🙂
MiChart does Breakfast!

— 6 —

This past weekend I got to see the movie October BabyIt’s a really good movie about a girl discovering not only that she’s adopted, but that she’s the survivor of a failed abortion attempt.  The main theme of the movie is forgiveness, which is such a great message, especially for today’s society.

— 7 —

Tomorrow! = My Best Friend’s Wedding! Please join me in praying for Erwin and Lindsay as they prepare for this sacrament! 🙂  The day has finally (almost) arrived!  Tonight is the wedding rehearsal at church and the rehearsal dinner at Kim’s.

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