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Praying the Psalms

I don’t know what it is, but I can never seem to comment at Conversion Diary! Maybe Jen put me in her “Always Delete” category, or her spam filter hates me. How can this be? 🙂 So, I’ll post my response here at my own site. Jen was talking about her experience with praying the psalms and asking for advice on how to approach them.

Psalms are supposed to represent the gamut of human emotion. So, if God let them be put into the Bible, it must be okay to feel this way upon occasion; and, this is the instruction manual for how to pray when we are experiencing these emotions.

I am continually amazed by how similar our life stories are, so I’ll give a few things that (sometimes) help me. 🙂

First, I try to empathize with the narrator. I try to identify what emotion he’s experiencing and place myself in that situation.

Second, I have to do some translating. God dealt with His people differently in OT times than in NT times, where Jesus is trying to soften our hearts. So whereas before the rule for enemies was “an eye for an eye” to try and prevent overabundant retribution, now we are to “love our enemies.” We have to keep that in mind when we read them.

For your psalm, then, I would picture myself as being (unfairly) mocked and scorned by my enemies and be comforted in the fact that while they are troubling me now, in time, God will make things right for me and the truth about me will emerge. Instead of me trying to smite them, I just have to trust that God has my back and the He will take care of the situation. I just have to be faithful and keep doing what is right in His eyes. And not worry about them.

7 Quick Takes: First June Friday

— 1 —

Sometimes, I am strongly tempted to dualism. Especially this week. My body is really irritating me. So I find myself frequently distancing myself from it and arguing with it — almost as if it had it’s own sentience. It hasn’t taken the hint and started cooperating yet. 😦

— 2 —

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve found a great book, “Between Sundays,” that I am hoping will help me to deepen my faith life (as well as perhaps instill a routine to my prayer time — I am so BAD about praying at regular intervals, instead of catch-as-catch-can.

— 3 —

Young Adult Bonfire is tonight! And after the week I’ve had, I’m really looking forward to some S’mores!

— 4 —

We received bonuses in our paychecks! Just for being awesome. 🙂 Did I mention that my job rocks? 🙂

— 5 —

Our team at work took a lunch time field trip to Blimpy Burger yesterday.. It was great! I had never been there before, so I was what is known as a Blimpy Virgin. 🙂 As soon as I have a free moment, I will post about the experience. Likely on my other blog, Paroxysms of Giggles.

— 6 —

I will also be going to a water park in Frankenmuth this weekend. So, there’s going to be lots of updates forthcoming! 🙂 I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. So sorry that my Quick Takes are so unusually quick! And devoid of pictures! So unlike me! I will try to do better next week!

— 7 —

June = My Best Friend’s Wedding! Please join me in praying for Erwin and Lindsay as they prepare for this sacrament! 🙂
To tie together some of these thoughts, here’s a picture of the happy couple at one of our annual Young Adult Bonfires from a few years back:

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