Character of the Happy Warrior

The Book of Man

In this poem by William Wordsworth, he offers an answer to the question:
What are the characteristics of a warrior?

Someone who gives generously from his heart
Someone who faces challenges cheerfully
Someone who assesses, analyzes, and executes
Someone who continues to learn
Someone who has a firm moral compass and lives his integrity
Someone who turns pain and struggle into advantage and strength
Someone who doesn’t allow himself to become jaded, but increases in compassion
Someone who grows in virtue the more he is tested
Someone who acts according to reason
Someone who rights wrongs
Someone who will bear authority honorably, or step aside for someone who can bear it better
Someone who is trustworthy and faithful
Someone who is not caught up with material pleasures
Someone who is noted for being calm when things are not
Someone who perseveres
Someone who is dedicated to his cause
Someone who does not seek fame nor anonymity but accepts his lot
Someone who draws comfort from the upright life he leads

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