7 Quick Takes: Gangnam Style!

— 1 —

I have jumped on the Gangnam Style bandwagon! I’m not exactly sure what it is about the song that I like.  Certainly the upbeat music is a major part of it.  Perhaps I like the fact that I can basically sing gibberish and pretend that I know how to sing in Korean.  No one is going to know the difference anyway, right?  🙂  I think, too, the part of me which is not yet conformed to Christ likes the fact that Oppa Gangnam Style, when sung, sounds like Open Condom Style, so I can get away with being a little rebellious without actually doing anything “wrong.”  🙂  That’s living on the edge, right there.  Sometimes it’s hard to contain my bada&& self.  LOL!  So, when you pass me entering or exiting the church parking lot and I seem to be dancing in my seat flashing gang signs, I’m just driving/worshipping/shopping/etc. Gangnam Style!  Join me, and we can start a flash mob.  A Gangnam Style flash mob after Mass.  🙂  We need a priest in vestments to lead this…

— 2 —

I don’t trust my priest.  Especially lately, when I ask him how he’s doing and he says, “Good.”  See, I know that answer.  That and “Fine,” are ones that I own.  Neither one of them mean what they seem to mean superficially.  What it really means is either, “Not great, but I don’t want to go into it,” or “Nothing’s changed,” or “Crappy, but not worth complaining about,” or something like this.  Sometimes, he’ll call me on it and ask, “Really?”, so I decided to return the favor and asked him, “Good – enh?  Good – great?  or??”  He replied, “Tired.  Like you.”  Which is a very dangerous statement, indeed!  “Like me” can mean anything from slight discomfort to pits of Hell suffering.  I hope he didn’t actually mean ‘like me.’  I think we will have to find new words.  One which I’ve become increasingly enamoured of  is “craptastic.”  I think that sums things up nicely.  🙂

— 3 —

Firestarters’ Bonfire is tonight! And after the week I’ve had, I’m really looking forward to some S’mores!

— 4 —

Last night sucked! Just thought I’d share that.  I was all set to go to Bible Study.  I had finished my questions for the week and everything.  But everything conspired against me.  First, for whatever reason, traffic was horrible.  Apparently there was an accident on the highway which had everything stopped up for miles.  By the time I got up to the crash site, I didn’t see anything, so I can’t verify that there was actually a reason for the delay, although my GPS promised me that it was due to a crash.  As I’m writing this, I realize that I forgot to pray for the people involved in the accident.  I usually try to.  But by this time, I was not feeling well at all and wasn’t so much sitting in the driver’s seat, but slouching with one elbow on the window ledge trying to hold my brain inside my skull.  I was pretty sure from the headache that it was trying to swell and escape, and I had at least an hour’s drive ahead of me.  By time I got off the exit for my house, I just wanted to sleep.  I knew that I should eat something, but didn’t want to cook and didn’t have an appetite for any of the 1 billion fast food options in the mile radius of my house.  I ended up picking one, and then tried to eat it while laying prone on the couch, with some Bewitched reruns playing on the TV for company.  I had to cut both activities short and jump into bed.  Blessedly, I was able to fall asleep.  Being unconscious was so much better than being awake.

— 5 —

I’m dismayed to look at the clock and realize that I have 2.5 more hours at work.  Why?  Because I feel horrible again and don’t think I can make it another few hours, plus be able to drive home.  😦  Does anyone want to take me in for the night?

— 6 —

I am too sick and tired to finish my 7 quick takes with meaningful, exciting words.  So, I will fill it with pictures instead.

— 7 —

Need More Coffee

That about sums it up!  🙂

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