Daily Archives: December 27, 2012

Happy Cardiac Monitor Liberation Day!

Yesterday was the last day that I had to wear my cardiac monitor! And so, it was the perfect day for us to get about 7 inches of snow, which I had to shovel. After all, if all my shoveling is going to give me a heart attack, at least this way LifeWatch will notice and send an ambulance to my house, right? 🙂

My priest always affirms me in these kinds of things by making statements like, “Prudent.” I’m sure he never means that sarcastically. Ever.

And just look at the size of this driveway! It might give *healthy* people heart attacks!
A Shoveling Nightmare!
(I also like the snow blowing sideways in the shot.)

It was so worth it!

I only had to dust off the car this morning and getting onto the road was a breeze. Not having to wear a cardiac monitor — also very cool. As monitoring devices go, I suppose it’s better than most. However, as you might remember from when I first got it, I am allergic to both certain adhesives and nickel metal. So, after 21 days, I have blisters on my skin from the electrodes.

Goodbye, then, cardiac monitor. I won’t miss you that much! I’m not certain if the title of this post pertains more to my liberation from the device or its liberation from me, but either way, I think that separation is a good thing for both our sakes. 🙂