Weekend Household Project

This weekend, I am going somewhere I have not gone before…

Behind the Dryer

Behind the dryer.

As you can tell from the picture, I don’t go back there. I actually had to take this picture to see what the vent looked like, as I am too short (even standing on a chair) to peek back there. Not as many cobwebs as I had anticipated, actually. 🙂

I subscribe to a website that sends daily e-mails encouraging me to make a habit of cleaning my house. It’s a great system. And I usually read all of the e-mails. But I have a difficult time cleaning according to the plan.


However, many of the e-mails recently have been telling people to make sure that they are regularly cleaning out their dryer vents, as they are a fire hazard.

I haven’t done this since I moved into my house in 2004. Well, I suppose you could say that it *was* done, as I have replaced the dryer and the guy doing the installation gave me a new exhaust thingy (I love technical terms) at that time.

My dad kindly offered his [exhaust thingy] cleaning kit to me, and I’ll attempt to tackle this project this weekend. And it *is* a project. I have a small laundry “room” and will have to uninstall my utility tub in order to pull the dryer out from its corner to get to the [exhaust thingy].

So, if there are any boys out there who would like to come over sometime this weekend and help me Move Heavy Objects, I’d kindly appreciate it! (And maybe feed you or something….)

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