Because I Am ALWAYS Up for a Challenge!

I was poking around the Goodreads website and followed a friend’s group page, where I found the Young Adult Book Club Quarterly Challenge #9:

You have 3 months to read 10 YA books that satisfy following requirements:

1) The Edgar Awards are awarded in April. To celebrate, read one of the award winners or any mystery. YA Edgar Awards winners can be found here.

2) Read a book that is a new release published in March, April or May of 2013. GoodReads offers lists of the most popular new releases by month, they might help you to make your choices – March, April and May (If you have difficulties obtaining these new books, you can read a release from the same months in 2012).

3) April is National Poetry Month. Read a book that is written in verse. See here and here for suggestions.

4) Read a book whose title starts with one of the letters of the word SPRING.

5) Go local and read a book that is written by an author who lives in your local area (state, county, province, or city).

6) The end of May marks the beginning of the astrological sign, Gemini. To celebrate, read a book featuring twins as primary or secondary characters. Some ideas here and here.

7) Read one of the 10 books that have been on your to-read list the longest.

8) Read a science fiction, dystopian, or steampunk book
Insurgent by Veronica Roth

9) Read a book with a silhouette or shadow on the cover. Ideas can be found here and here.

10) Read a book written by a male author
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

Start Date: February 25, 2013
End Date: May 31, 2013

Although the challenge end date is rapidly approaching, I think it is fair to use any book which I have completed during the timeframe of the challenge. 🙂  As I look, it doesn’t appear that I have a lot of books which meet the criteria, as most of them are either straight-up adult books and not YA, or children’s books.  Nertz.

Keep checking back as I update the list with the books that I have read to complete the challenge! 🙂

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