7 Quick Takes: Whiteboard Edition

Since I live alone, I have a couple “spare” bedrooms. One is the “office” and the other I use as a exercise/prayer room. Back when I was reading through the Theology of the Body for the first time, I had a bunch of questions or things that I was trying to keep in mind so as to better understand the text. It was frustrating having to keep looking up things that I had looked up before, so I bought a whiteboard and stuck it on the back of the door. On it, I could write definitions or whatnot and then I could just look over every time I got to another sticky passage. Quite helpful.

Over the years, I’ve changed the contents of this whiteboard several times. Sometimes I’ll have lists of prayer intentions, sometimes I’ll have inspiring quotes, and when I was reading through the Bible, I admit to listing the remaining books I had left to read (out of order) and gleefully crossed them off when I had finished. Way to check the box, eh? 🙂

Anyways, I figure that since this is Friday and I have 7 Quick Takes to write, and since, coincidentally, there happens to be 7 entries on my whiteboard, that I will share this amazing amazingness with you. 🙂

So, in no particular order, I bring you:


— 1 —

If it’s not okay to have a vasectomy or tubal ligation because it is self-mutilation and disabling a perfectly functioning body system which God designed, would Bariatric surgery be licit, since you are disabling a system which is working correctly, due to a lack of control? [The lack of control could be said for sex as well as eating, to make a level playing field for the comparison.]

— 2 —

“Nuptial meaning of the body” refers to the understanding that Adam and Eve had from their experiences of their own masculinity and femininity. “Meaning” = they were to be a self-gift.

— 3 —

Prov 23:12 – Apply your heart to instruction, and your ears to words of knowledge.

— 4 —

Prayer is the foundation of a moral life.

— 5 —

Baruch 4:28 – As your hearts have been disposed to stray from God, turn now ten times the more to seek Him.

— 6 —

Spousal love – the love expressed in and through a human body.

— 7 —

“We seldom succeed in overcoming as much as a single fault; and we are not wholly on fire with the desire to make daily spiritual progress. The result is that we remain negligent and tepid.”

A joyous Memorial Day weekend to all!

God Bless!

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