Adventures in Mowing

I haven’t been feeling well lately, and as a result a lot of things around the house have been rather neglected. Including my lawn. My shaggy, overgrown lawn.

A friend had offered to help with the lawn at one point, and I knew that it was time to (finally) ask for help!

This is how I asked:

Jack-jack! For the love of all that is holy, please send some grazing animals to my lawn. And where were you when I desperately needed a medical professional last night?!?!?! πŸ™‚

And, because Jack-jack is AWESOME, he immediately offered to come over and help! πŸ™‚ He said he might bring a helper, but I have since never heard if he actually brought a helper or not… Or who the helper may have been… If there was a Mystery Helper — Thank You!

On the morning that Jack-jack — he doesn’t actually call himself this; I have decided that this shall be his name after the most awesome superhero from the Incredibles — was to arrive to help with the yard, I sent him a couple important photos:

First, I have this stupid plant growing in my yard.
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy

But I was thinking of his well-being and provided a towel and some soap, so that he could wash up (using the garden hose, LOL) in the unfortunate event that he came into contact with this unwelcome yard guest.

And, we couldn’t have our hero be without something to refresh him after his hard labors, could we?


So, I offered the only thing I had: beer.

I don’t really drink, so it had been left in the freezer from when Fr. Eric came over for dinner. I figured that by the time Jack-jack was done with the lawn, it might have had time to thaw, yet still be cold. πŸ™‚

So, I left the goodies on a box next to the lawnmower and gas can.
Beer and Soap

I made sure to leave 2 beers in case he did bring a helper. I didn’t think to leave a bottle opener, but providentially there was a magnetized one stuck to the side of the lockers in the garage right next to the beer.

When I got home, the first thing I noticed (after noting that the grass was mowed), was that my picnic table was now located in the middle of the yard, instead of where it normally resides on the concrete next to the garage.

Picnic Table in the Middle of the Yard

HAHAHA! Hilarious! I thought, “Jack-jack must want me to *use* this picnic table. I’ll have to arrange a picnic or BBQ soon.” How fun!

But there’s more! As I started to realize that more things were “out of place”, I ran around looking for all the changes in the yard. It was like the “Where’s Waldo” of patio furniture! πŸ™‚ Delightful!

Jack had cleared off the sidewalk and porch:
Sidewalk and Front Porch

Moved a chair and a teapot to next to the back door:
Chair and Teapot by the Back Door

Moved a bench from the front patio area to the side of the house:
Bench on Side of House

Stuck a yard sign (that my mom had gotten and placed in the front flower bed) in the grass in the backyard:
Sign in the Backyard

And, finally, left the beer bottles by tomato and corn plant:
Finished Beer and Plants

He also left my Tony Hawk 4 game in the back door with a note that he and his fiancee, April, were praying for me! Awww! (And now I have to practice my video-skateboarding skills…)


Not only was this incredibly helpful to me, but you made it SO MUCH FUN!!! πŸ™‚

Love you guys! πŸ™‚

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