7 Quick Takes: 7 x 7 Edition

On the way in to work today, I was inspired to write my quick takes in 7 x 7 style. 7 topics with 7 entries each. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, I have enough to complete my quick takes! πŸ™‚ Here goes!

— 1 —

Seven Things I Did Before Work:

Prayed Morning Prayer and the Office of the Readings
Prayed before the Lord exposed on the altar
Got a delicious Venti iced no-ice Caramel Macchiato
Got a delicious Spinach and Artichoke souffle
Walked leisurely around downtown Plymouth, enjoying the beautiful morning
Took and Instagrammed pictures of some flowers (taken downtown)
Brought “Moloka’i” to work; reading it for a book club

— 2 —

Seven Photos I Took This Morning:








— 3 —

Seven Priests I Pray For:

Fr. John Riccardo – Click here for his podcasts
Fr. JJ Mech – St. Anastasia Parish Website
Fr. Eric Fedewa – St. Anastasia Parish Website
Fr. Steve Mateja – Click here for his podcasts
Fr. Clement Suhy – Click here for his podcasts
Fr. Stanley Obloj – St. Mark Parish Website
Fr. Lee Acervo – Fr. Acervo’s Corner (blog)

Not the complete list of priests I pray for… In case you are one of my priests and you feel left out… Don’t worry!

— 4 —

Seven Books I Need to Read Before 8/10, When They are Due Back at the Library:

A Tale of Two Pretties
Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome
Brideshead Revisited
Kill Me Softly
The Monk Downstairs
Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker

— 5 —

Seven Devotions that can be Prayed Using Beads:

Dominican Rosary
Brigittine beads
Dolour beads
Immaculate Conception beads
Crown of Our Saviour
Chaplet of the Five Wounds
Crosier beads

Trivia: Did you know that, historically, the word “bead” or “bede” meant “prayer”?

— 6 —

Seven Things That I Need to Do Around My House, That Will Be Ignored for Yet Another Week:

Putting away the laundry
Washing all the dishes
Scrubbing the tub
Cleaning the computer room
Taking old furniture to some charity
Cleaning the garage

— 7 —

Seven Rides I Plan on Going On Tomorrow!

Thunder Canyon

Obviously… I’M GOING TO CEDAR POINT!!! πŸ™‚

Gatekeeper at Cedar Point

God Bless!

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!

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