Answer Me This #6

This appears to be the only consistent thing on my blog lately. *sigh* If only you knew what has been going on lately… Your prayers would be most welcome. Thanks!

1. What do you still want to do this summer?

All.The.Things. Alas, I will likely not get to do them all. I really want to make it to Lake Michigan. Not sure if that’s going to be possible. I want to clean up my house, which will likely happen, as I will be having people over sometime in September to help me do some yard work.

2. What’s your favorite kind of pie?

I like pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust, and lemon pie sans meringue.

Leafy Greens and Goat Cheese Pie
A friend of a friend has a pie business called Sister Pie. It is as delicious as it looks!

3. How much sleep do you need each day? How much do you get?

Not quite sure how much I need… I usually get about 5-6 hours of sleep. Although I tend to overschedule myself and end up going to bed 3 hours before I have to wake up to get to work. I can usually squeeze another 30 minutes of “sleep” in by continually abusing my snooze button. Then, I have other days when I’m not feeling so well and sleep like crazy. Like the 14 hours that I slept last night. I don’t think I even took my shoes off when I got home — directly into bed for me!

4. Do you prefer to swim in a pool, lake, river, or ocean?

Pool, then ocean, then lake, then river. Why? Pools are cleaner and fish will not nibble at you and there is no seaweed or icky stuff in pools. That and I can float on pool noodles to my heart’s content, hopefully without being splashed (which is why I need my own in-ground pool). I love the ocean and I dream of having a house on an ocean. I love the waves and the salty scent to the air. I like swimming far away from shore. But, then things live in there and it kind of creeps me out when they touch me. Same goes for lakes, although I tend to view lakes as being dirtier than the ocean. Less water, more algae. I haven’t really swam too much in rivers, so I left that one for the end.

Beautiful Surf
I could look at this all day

5. Do you know any poems by heart?

I don’t think so. Maybe a few really simple nursery rhymes, if they count. I remember being okay at poetry when I studied it in the 9th grade, but I prefer people to just come out and tell me what they mean. Or I’m bound to come up with an interpretation which is anything but what you meant. On the other hand, this has come to my aid quite a bit when trying to defend my questionable choices in music to my priest/best-friend:
Me: “He’s not talking about doing immoral acts with a woman who is not his wife. He’s talking about auto body repair.”
Fr: “Um… No.”

6. Do you use the public library?

All the time. The problem is that I don’t go often enough. So when I do go, I try to pick up all the books that I remember wanting to read, plus whatever catches my eye, and I end up with almost more books than I can carry back to my car. Then, my ability to read them in the time allotted is grossly insufficient and I end up renewing my check-out. Then, I run out of renewals, but feel compelled to read them before turning them back in. I mean, at this point, I’ve had them for NINE WEEKS. It would be like admitting defeat if I didn’t read them already, right? So, then there’s the actual deadline for returning them. You don’t actually get a fine if you manage to return them to the library before the library opens on the day after they are due. See what I did there? Another night to get the book read! I will admit to more than my fair share of fines, but sometimes it’s out of my control (like when I was in the hospital for meningitis). And all of this reminds me… I have a book to read by tomorrow….

Please visit Kendra’s blog, just because she’s rather awesome.  And take a peek at others’ answers to these questions

Have a great week and God bless!

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