7 Quick Takes: Pictures and Words

— 1 —

The Miracle Marathon started this week! This is where we run, walk, crawl, bike, etc. one mile every day for 27 days to support the Children’s Miracle Network. I have been following Andi’s blog for a while and her daughter is doing this marathon and is serving as a team captain. I joined her team and have been participating as best I can. For those of you who may not know me well, I have a mitochondrial myopathy, so doing anything physical is difficult and I get tired easily, have lots of pain and develop cardiac and breathing issues almost right away. I am doing this for charity, so any support you would be willing to give, whether financial or by praying for me, would be greatly appreciated! You can find my donation page here. Thanks! And keep cheering me on! 🙂

— 2 —

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness
Speaking of my Mitochondrial Myopathy… This week is Mitochondrial Awareness week. My particular disease is a neuromuscular disorder, most consistent with MELAS. It is progressive and terminal. But this doesn’t stop me from trying to do everything that I love, sometimes to the dismay of my friends. However, I recently came across a quote that I just love:

Will I someday be standing with scars to give account before Him that I wasn’t about my own comfort but Christ’s call, that I didn’t make my life about safe living but about dangerous dying, that I didn’t escape into a neat, saved American dream but into a messy, mission-driven God-sized demand, H/T

I think this sums me up pretty nicely.

— 3 —

Don't Knock It - 5.19.2007
Glow Golf! It has been just over a month since April and Jack-Jack wed and we are all excited about getting together with her tonight for some post-honeymoon Girl Time fun! 🙂 The celebration begins with glow-in-the-dark mini-golf and continues from there! Partying starts TONIGHT! I’m excited already!

— 4 —

I have gone low tech! I know, the last thing you would have expected from me, right? Well, due to a bunch of different factors, I am trying out a paper planner in an effort to stay organized and not miss events. I picked the Erin Condren Life Planner, because… well, because it seemed to be the cutest, and if I like looking at it, I might actually pick it up more and use it. You can choose from a plethora of covers and customize the colors on them, or do as I did and upload a bunch of your favorite pictures to make your cover. Covers this year are interchangeable, so you can buy several, if you like, but I think I will stick with mine, as it’s covered with the people I love.

— 5 —

Fish Doctor at Beaumont Grosse Pointe
I visited a friend who is inpatient at Beaumont Grosse Pointe on Wednesday. As I was walking in from the parking lot, I saw this statue. I’m not sure if it’s fun, or odd and creepy. And why a fish?

— 6 —

Office supplies make me happy. I know, it’s kind of an odd thing to like, but I do. I heard of someone getting an amazing deal on a treasure chest full of Post-its and ordered some for myself. All of these Post-Its normally sell for $220 through Staples. Office Depot was having a sale, so due to that and the magic of Staples 110% price match policy, I got these for $33! A total steal! There’s about 10,000 Post-Its here, so I don’t imagine that I will be running out any time soon. 🙂

— 7 —

Fr. Eric Chopping Down the Tree
And I will leave you with… A gratuitous picture of one of my priests in a tree in my front yard, cutting it down. 🙂

God Bless!

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1 thought on “7 Quick Takes: Pictures and Words

  1. Re: the fish at Beaumont. It was the Grosse Pointe version of the “cow statues” in Chicago. Local businesses sponsored them and local artists decorated them around a theme selected by the former.

    That Beaumont used to be Bon Secours, the Catholic hospital at which I was born. There was a BEAUTIFUL old school statue of Mary Queen holding the Child King Jesus. My parents and I were just there a couple weeks ago to visit my grandfather and my mother and I were flabbergasted by what took their place. We feared it had been disposed of but luckily it was rediscovered in their rooftop garden.

    Re: your priest owning your tree. Is this the Devil’s Tree of which you told me? Only a few more gnarly limbs and it would double as that death tree from the 2002 movie “Sleepy Hollow.” I am glad your priest was able to vanquish it for you.

    Though it would have been epic if he would have done it in a cassock. Yes, I know, not practical but it would be excellently epic PhotoShop fodder.

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