Daily Archives: December 31, 2014

Getting Ready for 2015!

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions a bit this past week. I love fresh starts: New Year, First Day of School, Advent, Lent… and I love making plans for these new starts. But I find that I tend to lack the discipline to follow the plan all the way through. I think because it’s *my* plan and I’m only accountable to myself. I’m very good at rationalizing my way out of my own plans. I know what arguments will sway me.


What if this year I didn’t make any “Resolutions”? Sure, I’ll still make a few plans and try out new things, but…

I think I’ll accept challenges instead!

2011 Best Ranger Competition [Image 2 of 5]

I’m pretty competitive by nature and I like completing challenges. Plus, then I’m accountable to whoever gives me the challenge.

I’m up for it! Are you?

What challenges do you have for me for 2015?