I’m Going to Mars!

Well, not technically. But I did sign up to participate in a NASA media program.

“When Perseverance launches to Mars, it will carry three dime-size chips with 10.9 million names submitted by people all over the world. Those who already submitted their names can get a special “Now Boarding” stamp on their boarding passes….”


Below is my mission badge!

This is really exciting! I cannot wait until they send people to Mars!

Launch is currently scheduled for July 30th at 7 am EDT.

1 thought on “I’m Going to Mars!

  1. Hello Cady, you’re lucky! I just got booked for year 2026 Mars mission 😀 but not for 2020-2021 because I was aware of their invitation
    Good thing is they invite again and got 1 for me 😀🙂

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