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A Special Trip

I heard that Kylie had painted a watercolor that was chosen to be displayed at the local library and decided that I’d make a special trip out to see it. It’s a great honor to be chosen, and I’m very proud of her.

I got a chance to drive out after work. The workers at the main desk did not know that children’s artwork was being displayed, but pointed me to one of the circulation desks in the youth section of the library. Art from the elementary and middle schools were displayed just beyond this desk.

This shot couldn’t fit all of the art. I love how colorful it is.

Here is Kylie’s watercolor:
Very beautiful. I hope her Mom or Dad frames it.

Congrats, Ky! You did a great job! I love you!

Detroit Institute of Arts

We took Terry to the DIA for her birthday. We got to participate in Drawing in the Galleries for Adults in the African Collection! πŸ™‚ I only had my phone camera with me and I quickly ran out of battery, so I’ll have to go again with my camera! It was a lovely evening.

Even with only a phone camera, I managed to capture this picture of the building on the way in:
Detroit Institute of Arts - IMAG0039
I really like how it turned out! πŸ™‚

Terry is the artist in our group. Phyllis and I went along for fun. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to draw a thing and have it be recognizable… I think I’ll just show you and let you decide for yourself how I did.


After we had finished our drawing session, we took some time to wander around the museum. This painting of the Seven Sacraments is one of my favorites. πŸ™‚