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12 Days of Christmas for My Priest: Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, my friend Jenn gave to me:  two photographs and one hour of adoration!

OLGC Adoration Chapel
OLGC’s Adoration Chapel in downtown Plymouth

Unexpectedly, I was the only one in the chapel for Adoration! On one hand, I like having Him all to myself. On the other hand, I was sad that He was by Himself.

After Adoration, I spent some time taking photos. It was cold outside and I just had my cell phone, so they aren’t the best pictures ever…

Lamppost by OLGC School
This lamppost was pretty cute — all decorated for Christmas — but I have quite a bit of streaking from the light. I’ll have to return with a proper camera. Hopefully, on a warmer day. 🙂

While I was there, I got to watch a car slide out of the school parking lot. Make a loop around the block, then return to the parking lot to do donuts in the snow. Unfortunately, he left before I could take a video. 🙂

12 Days of Christmas for My Priest: Day 1

This year, I’d like to really celebrate the season of Christmas, especially because so many people think that Christmas ends on Christmas day, when it actually is just starting! One of the ways I am celebrating is to do the Twelve Days of Christmas for my priest, which is also his Christmas present from me this year.

On the first day of Christmas, my friend Jenn gave to me: one hour of Adoration!

St. Anastasia Divine Mercy Chapel Tabernacle on Christmas Day
I spent my hour at the Divine Mercy Chapel at St. Anastasia.

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Vigil Candles
I love all the candles! Thanks, too, to Mary, for her Yes.

In addition to praying, I read some from the book my brother gave me for Christmas, “Under Angel Wings: The Story of a Young Girl and Her Guardian Angel,” which is quite good so far. On the way home, I listened to some Christmas music and ended up crying. Good crying, though! Gotta love the Holy Spirit!