12 Days of Christmas for My Priest: Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, my friend Jenn gave to me:  two photographs and one hour of adoration!

OLGC Adoration Chapel
OLGC’s Adoration Chapel in downtown Plymouth

Unexpectedly, I was the only one in the chapel for Adoration! On one hand, I like having Him all to myself. On the other hand, I was sad that He was by Himself.

After Adoration, I spent some time taking photos. It was cold outside and I just had my cell phone, so they aren’t the best pictures ever…

Lamppost by OLGC School
This lamppost was pretty cute — all decorated for Christmas — but I have quite a bit of streaking from the light. I’ll have to return with a proper camera. Hopefully, on a warmer day. 🙂

While I was there, I got to watch a car slide out of the school parking lot. Make a loop around the block, then return to the parking lot to do donuts in the snow. Unfortunately, he left before I could take a video. 🙂

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