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National Day: Thermos Bottle Day

While it’s not strictly a Thermos, I have been enjoying the water bottle I got during the Priests vs. Seminarians game a Sacred Heart Major Seminary a few weeks back.


For a proper Thermos, I’d have to think back to my childhood. We had Thermos-like things in our lunch boxes. But mostly, I remember that my Dad would fill up a Thermos with coffee to take with him to work.

What are your Thermos memories?

National Day: World Bartender Day

Sometimes, I have to think of creative ways in which to “celebrate” some of these holidays.  I’m not really a drinker, so I am not really feeling like going out to a bar to celebrate World Bartender Day.

This is probably the most I have to do with bartenders: the Norte Americano Booty Music that I like to listen to. Of the two, I am probably more Akon than T-Pain, as he also, “Don’t smoke, don’t drink: that’s why I don’t be by the bar, baby.”