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Def: Include or absorb (something) in something else


Def: Hold and state as one’s opinion


Def: To deprive of possession


Def: Relating to the logical discussion of ideas and opinions.


Def: (Esp. of a process or organization) Just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

You’d think that I’d know this one stone-cold by now. But, no.


Def: A saying attributed to Jesus Christ, esp. one not recorded in the canonical Gospels

Brought to you by the I-Learn-You-Learn policy of Jenn

Word of the Day: abstinence

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

Before we get to the word of the day, I wanted to highlight something from the entry on Abel: “As the first of martyrs, he also sometimes stands for the persecuted Christians, belonging to the city which is in heaven,” (3).


  • Penitential practice
  • Abstaining from the use of certain kinds of food
  • In the East, this traditionally includes not only meat, but fish, eggs, milk, cheese, oil and wine.

The additional requirement of the Eastern tradition sound intriguing.  And more of a penance, especially for me, as I do not eat a lot of meat to begin with.  Perhaps I’ll try this out this upcoming Lent.  🙂

Word of the Day: Abbreviator

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
  • An official of the Roman chancery
  • Duty: to prepare letters and writs
  • Named due to the extensive abbreviations employed in Papal documents

Now… That’s hilarious! 🙂

Word of the Day! St. Abbo

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

Another catholidorkerrific idea from Yours Truly! 🙂

I was looking at that nice, big Christian dictionary on my shelf and thought about what a shame it was that I didn’t pull it out more often. Then, I was struck with an idea! I had been toying with the concept of reading it from cover to cover, but really, what is the fun in that if you cannot share your findings with friends? So I thought that I would bless you nice folk with the fruits of my reading and select a “word of the day” — something that piques my interest or an entry with which I was previously unfamiliar. I won’t recreate the entire entry, but just lay out some basics.

Let’s get started! 🙂

St. Abbo

  • c. 945 – 1004
  • Abbot of Fleury, France
  • Helped in the restoration of monasticism in England
  • Notable works:  Passio S. Eadmundi and Quaestiones Grammaticales
  • Supported the Cluniac Reform, was an ardent defender of Papal authority and the freedom of monasteries from episcopal and secular interference
  • He was killed in a revolt occasioned by the reform of a priory
  • He also wrote on logic, math, astronomy and the lives of the Popes
  • Feast day:  13 Nov