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Prayer Requests

Only a few more days before we head off on pilgrimage to Australia for World Youth Day!
In preparation, I would like to gather any prayer intentions that you may have, so that I may take them with me.  I will absolutely pray for your intention while I am there — I take this very seriously.  Please list it in the comment box, or e-mail it to me at

God Bless!

St. Anastasia World Youth Day Pilgrims in the news!

We are getting increasingly excited for the big day — 2 weeks from today — when we ship out to go halfway around the world!

 Take a look here as the Eccentric came out to interview us.

In other St. Anastasia news, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this weekend with a parish picnic.  The Eccentric again came out and interviewed our pastor, Fr. JJ, about the founding pastor, Fr. Davidson.

Yet Another Test

Yet Another Test
Okay, so I got how to upload pictures to my Flickr account; and I got how to post blog entries; but I couldn’t find a way from the Flickr site to post pictures to the blog as I do from my desktop. I would imagine that I would mostly be keeping things separate, but I might occasionally want to post about a photo.

So, here I go again, trying more things to beat my electronics into doing my will. 🙂

Good thing I am a Nuke, trained for this frustration…. 🙂

 Update:  If you get a message where the photo should be saying that the picture is unavailable, don’t worry — I got that too.  The problem being is that I just couldn’t let things be and I had to monkey with them.  Since the photo that I uploaded was a vertical image, I went onto the Flickr site and rotated it, and wanted to see if it would auto-update the photo on the blog….  Maybe there’s just a time lag…  We shall see….   Of course, this all just applies to the photos edited from a computer to rotate them.  I haven’t yet figured out how to rotate things as I post them — to either site.  So, you may have to tilt your head/monitor….  Sorry!  🙂