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New WYD Images Coming Soon….

I have now posted to my Flickr account my underwater photos from the Great Barrier Reef!  🙂  I’m currently working on uploading my video, then I will get started on my pictures.  Whew!  A lot of work ahead of me!  Hopefully, everything will be online before it’s time for WYD 2011 in Madrid!  🙂

Sorry that I am so slow about getting things up for you.  I am sicker than I have been in 17 years.  So, that’s pretty sick.  And there’s no air conditioning in my computer room.  You’ll just have to keep coming back!  🙂


St. A’s pilgrims are now on a train by Karunda, headed toward the rainforest. There is a light rain, so we will have an authentic experience. We will also get to experience aboriginal life and pet Australian animals like kangaroos and koalas. There will be crocodiles, too, but they are not recommended for petting. 🙂

The Pope Arrives!

We just got back from watching the Pope drive by The Domain in the Popemobile.  We have a short amount of time before we have our evening prayer service.  It was fun in The Domain.  We got to talk to a bunch of people from all over and watch the Pope’s address on a large video monitor.  When he passed by, we were about 15-20 feet away.  There were lots of people all pressed in to get a glimpse, cheering and waving flags.  🙂  He zipped by pretty quick.  It was very exciting.  Then, we walked back to the hotel — Dave played his guitar and we all sang along the way.  Earlier this morning, we walked down to the harbour for dawn, there was adoration and relics of Mother Teresa, a tour of the Sydney Opera House, catechesis, and some shopping along the Darling Harbour boardwalk.  Tomorrow, there will be Stations of the Cross.

Pilgrim Update

G’day Everyone!
Pilgrims have made it to Australia!  Everyone is having a great time!  We got a bus tour of Sydney and got to take pictures by the Sydney Opera House and bridge on the first day, played in the ocean at Bondi Beach and tried the fish and chips.  Yum!  Today, Day 2? 3? Tuesday evening, we went to Opening Mass and met lots of people from all over the globe.  It was quite fun.  Of course, I was the designated person to go up and ask what country they were….

Due to technical difficulties (apparently, I have voice-only here after all), I do not have internet access as planned — so updates may be more sporadic, but I am working on it….  🙂  If nothing else, we will have photos up when we return.

Praying for you!
Pilgrims Down Under