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7 Quick Takes: Post-Op Edition

— 1 —

I’ve become something of a planner addict. This is not really anything new, I suppose. I’ve always had a love for office supplies, pens, and bright colors. But I’ve discovered over the past 9 months or so a real community of people who love the same things I do in this regard. From sticker sellers on Etsy, to people posting their layouts on Instagram, to friends I’ve made in various groups on Facebook. It’s addicting and happy, and I’ve never paid more attention to my calendar in my life! 🙂 Plus, I’ve met some truly great people.
This is from last week. I love how pretty everything looks.

— 2 —

I had surgery yesterday. It wasn’t anything super risky, per se, but it did make me pretty anxious. So much so that I actually had my PCP prescribe anti-anxiety medication for me to take ahead of time. I took them, and I didn’t think that they worked. However, I wasn’t anxious, so maybe they did! The surgery itself went much better than I could have hoped for. My brother took me and got me a Toothless dragon stuffed animal, which is absolutely adorable! I would have taken him into surgery with me, but I was afraid of getting him bloody and since I didn’t know how the anxiety meds were going to affect me, I didn’t want to risk losing him. I couldn’t have asked for the surgery to go better, so Toothless and all of the people praying for me did an excellent job!

— 3 —

A funny thing on the way home… I had to pick up some supplies from the drugstore on the way home, and it was about lunch time, so we picked up sandwiches at Which Wich on the way back. The funny part comes when I went to open the back door. See, I had packed everything that I thought I might need for surgery. BUT! Since my brother was driving, I completely forgot about my keys. So, we were locked out of the house! Luckily, my parents have a spare key and were kind enough to drive over and unlock my door!

— 4 —

Recovery: Day 1 It’s a little strange for me, to have all this time off work, but to be honest, I’ve slept through most of it so far. Thursday after surgery, I was exhausted and slept most of the day. Today — Friday — I have been up and down, taking several naps throughout the day. It has been awkward walking around and I’m very slow. I finally got up the nerve to do my first dressing change tonight around 7 pm or so. It went much better than I thought! I was a little worried, because I didn’t have a Band-Aid large enough, so we will see how that all goes when I change it again tomorrow.

— 5 —

My Emily Ley Simplified Planner came in the mail today! I know, I know. Another planner? This one is a daily version, whereas my EC is a weekly. I plan on using it more as a working planner/gratitude journal. There’s a lot more that happens during my days than I write down in my EC. Also, since I tend to use a lot more stickers and things in my EC and publish the pages to Instagram, the SP is likely going to be less photo-worthy, and therefore I will feel freer to write in more detailed and personal content, since it’s not going to be published anywhere public (at least not most of the time).

— 6 —

The only hurdle that I have left… which might get in the way of me returning to work on Monday is driving. So, if you wouldn’t mind saying a few prayers that I recover well enough to return to work, I’d really appreciate it!

— 7 —

And finally… my apologies! I haven’t been blogging nearly as consistently as I would like. (For example, did you know that I started Grad School (again) this month?!) As soon as things settle down a little for me, I will be working on planning out a better routine for myself (and put all these planners to work!), for work, school, blogging, and my prayer life. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

God Bless!

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Please Pray for Elianna


Elianna will be undergoing cardiac surgery this Monday, February 2nd, for a patent ductus arteriosus. Please pray for a successful surgery, a rapid recovery and continued good health. For the skill and wisdom of her surgeons and caregivers. And especially for her mom, dad, and siblings during this time of anxiety.

“In the day of distress I will call
and surely you will reply.
Among the gods there is none like you, O Lord;
nor work to compare with yours.” — from Psalm 86