Little White Book, Monday 3/30

The Feast of the Annunciation

Of course, today we are discussing Mary’s “Yes” to God, and whether in our day-to-day routine we are saying “Yes” or “No” to God.  They point out that it’s usually not a direct “yes” or “no,” but rather a failure to take God into account in our activities and decisions.

Guilty.  I do not always take God’s position into consideration for many things that I do.  I may do an examination of conscience at the end of the day, and try to see if I messed up anywhere, but there is a distinct lack of forethought about these things.  Which, I would think, would tend to indicate that in those moments, God wasn’t in the forefront.  He wasn’t in the prime location in my thoughts.  I didn’t have Him first.  My priorities were out-of-line.

Not that I mean to not think about God, but perhaps I am, just a teeny bit impulsive and act/talk without thinking.  Only later, will I (maybe) take a look and reconsider things.  I’m sure I’d get into much less trouble (both with God and with others) if I thought first.

Another issue is giving over completely to His will.  Have you guys ever found yourselves hedging like this:  “Okay God, I will accept whatever it is that You want for this situation, but if it’s okay with You…would You please keep in mind that I would like X as an outcome?  Thank You!”  Is that okay?  Can you give over control, but retain a preference?

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