Right Now Is a Good Thing

Little White Book, Tuesday 4/1

Nicodemus asks Jesus about God, and Jesus answers him that the He is the only one who has seen the Father, and that if He has been preaching about things of this world and we do not understand, what sense does it make to preach of things of the life to come?

Well, certainly that makes sense.  If I don’t understand quadratic equations, how am I going to understand triple integrals?  I can’t read War and Peace, if I am struggling to read Dr. Seuss.

A quote from the LWB from Jesus, “As the Father loves me, so do I love you.”  Hmm….  And the Father, with all of His love for His only Son, still willed that Jesus would go through His Passion, so that we could all be redeemed.  Makes one think twice about all the trials that one has in her own life.  If Jesus had to go through *that* for a greater purpose (which was unfair to Him — He was without sin!), then certainly there is reason for the trials that I undergo.  My trials are either:

1.  Of my own making and allowed by God.
2.  Of someone else’s making and allowed by God.
3.  From God.

He can use *any* circumstance for my good.  I may not understand right now how these things can be good, but this will be revealed to me later.  I have to learn to trust in Him and in His love for me.  How often is it that I wish to be like Nicodemus and have all of my questions answered right now about the nature of things.  Jesus is just reminding us that we are not yet ready to have all of our questions answered.  But, don’t fall into the trap of Adam and Eve and think that God is holding out on us, because it is His intention all along to have all of us share in His divine life.  We just have to be patient.

This, of course, is one of the classic ways in which I tend to screw things up for myself:  I can’t wait.  I always want to rush through things and get to the next stage, to achieve more, to accomplish the next task, to grow up.  Do, do, do.  In my frenzied movement, I rarely take the time to enjoy and give thanks for the present.  God loves you where you are — it would probably be a good thing to spend some time there, with Him, instead of ignoring this and constantly looking ahead.

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