Daily Archives: June 2, 2008

Notes from “Crossing the Threshold of Love”

I’m currently reading “Crossing the Threshold of Love:  A New Vision of Marriage in the Light of John Paul II’s Anthropology” by Mary Shivanandan.  Since it’s a library book, I’ll post my notes here.  🙂  Whatever catches my eye….  🙂

“…the ‘culture of contraception’ alienates man from woman.  Each begins to treat the other as an object, leading to a breakdown of the communion of persons of the husband and wife and the rejection of the child.” (xxii)

“Truth, he [Karol Wojtyla] asserts, ‘can only be enhanced from a confrontation with experience’ (LR, 10).” (4)  If it is true, then it is always true, and if it is actually true, than that truth cannot change.  It will be true for all times, and not just true for a past generation, but no longer applicable in modern times.  You cannot at the same time hold that the Church promotes truth, and that the Church is hopelessly “stuck in the past” when it comes to matters of contraception, sexuality and relationships between the genders.  The Church’s teachings are either true or they are not.  And one either accepts that or s/he does not.

“‘Perfectionism’ — the philosophical concept that a man’s actions form his character….” (7)  “In this whole process of accepting and rejecting the people and objects he meets, Adam is revealed to himself constantly and ‘reveals in himself the love that works through him’.” (7)  A great parallel of the concept of the grace that works through us, as everything begins as God’s initiative; and the participation we need to show in response to that gift of grace.