Daily Archives: June 21, 2008


Yet another reason why I love my Crackberry.

After much debate, I decided to go to OLGC for morning Mass this morning.  Why was it a debate?  Well, after being laid off from my job in Ann Arbor on Saturdays, I didn’t really have a good justification to spend the $12 in gas to get there and back.  Surely, there had to be a church closer to home that offered Saturday Mass.  There are a few, but I have never been to them before, and I really am apprehensive about going to places like that for the first time, alone.  A couple of friends had offered to go with me, but we had not made plans the night before, and I didn’t want to wake them up this early if they hadn’t already planned on going.

Plus, this is the last weekend for Fr. Steve, before he heads off to Rome for vacation and then his reassignment to seminary.  So, if I went, there was a possibility that I would be able to say “Hi” and “Have fun” before he left.

After all this debate, if I was going to go to OLGC (where Mass begins at 7:15 am — I don’t know why the 15 minutes, it used to be 7:30 am….), I was running late for getting on the road to head over.  As I jumped into the car, I saw that I only barely had enough gas to make it there, but I figured that there was a gas station on the way between church and where I usually go to for coffee after Mass, so I should be okay.

I get to church, and it is not Fr. Steve, but Fr. John, so I asked Fr. John to give my card to Fr. Steve when he saw him.  I forgot about my gas situation until after Mass.  My car was telling me that I had about 8 miles until empty.  Granted, this is never *actually* 8 full miles, but I thought that the gas station was only 2 miles away. 

Um, no.

What I had thought was a gas station was, in fact, a bank.  And, now, my car said that I had about 5 miles until empty, and I realized that I had no clue where the nearest gas station was.  Oh, boy.  But!  I pulled out my little Crackberry and opened the GPS program and had it search for “GAS” from my current location.  It found one 1.9 miles away and took me there.  I could start to smell the your-tank-is-empty-and-you-are-literally-running-on-fumes smell from the car.  This gas station I would have never found on my own in a million years (well, maybe a million, but not before my tank ran dry).

So, Thank You, Lord, for providing for me and looking after me (even when I am a stupid sheep and should have filled up on the way to Mass).  And thanks for using my Crackberry to do so.  That just makes me smile.  🙂  And, additionally, I am glad that Fr. John has GPS, too, so that he will not be in a situation where he needs something or needs help and doesn’t know where to go.  🙂  Thank You again, Lord, for looking after my people.  🙂