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Dear Diary,

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 1990
Today Me and Clint were playing chess he quit after 2 games 1st a draw 2nd he won. Afterwords I played by myself. Mom said you have to put it away when your done. When I finished I put it in it’s box and went in Clints room and set it on his desk. He said put it all the way away, I’m not going to do it. I said No I cleaned it up its in your bedroom and I’m done. I walked out and banged my right ankle against the space heater near the bathroom, went into the living room where Dad said whats going on we went back to Clints room where I explained what I’d done and shouldn’t he put it away because I didn’t know where it should go and also because I didnt take it out. Dad took me in the hallway and told me to work on my attitude after I huffily said Okay where does it go and put it there. He said no one like a person with an “I’m better” attitude and left. I didn’t have an I’m better attitude and just went to my room and started writing. Its now 12:52 pm.

Sunday, Jan. 7, 1990
Tomorrow I’m starting a paper route of 37 customers. I’m taking over for Eva Kasmarack, 14 years old. We collect every 2 weeks and make about $36 a week. I’ll try to keep you posted.

Thursday, Jan. 11, 1990
I LOVE Aaron, Mom doesn’t know quite how much I do though. She just knows that I like him that sort of true, I’m heads over heels in LOVE with the sandy-haired blue-eyed 12 yr. old 7th grader.
[Which, of course, was the beginning of a life-long attraction to sandy-haired, blue-eyed boys….] He’s in 3 of my classes 2nd, 5th, 7th Hr. I sit kitty corner to him in Math 5th Hr with Mr. Koehn. [Insert diagram here of seating arrangements]
Mr. Mason In Science 2nd Hr [Insert diagram here of seating arrangements]
7th Hr. L.A. Mrs. Milton [Insert diagram here of seating arrangements. Also of note, is the fact that I met up with Mrs. Milton again when I was going through RCIA a year and a half ago to enter the Catholic church…. πŸ™‚ Small world….]
I even wrote a story about us [Oh boy] using the names Aaron Debrowski and Hart Freshwater in which in 5th Hr. Hart faints and Aaron gets concerned and everyone finds out. Later they go together, wouldn’t that be cool if it did happen. I wish it did. [Obviously, I’m a foolish romantic in need of saving….] I wish so much that we would go together. I probably would be very happy if that happened. Please…
Last year I had Aaron in 4 of my classes 1,4,5, + 6th Hr.

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1990

[…obviously distracted.]

Sunday, Jan. 28, 1990
I’m scared, somethings happening to dad he even had to wear a heart monitor, we don’t know what it is yet, I hope it’s not serious.
Grandma’s going too her eyesight is getting extremely bad and everyone knows it’s from her diabetes. She eats sweets all the time, She’s going to kill herself.
My Grandma Barnard died (from cancer) before I was born or maybe I just don’t remember, my parents only talk about her when I ask questions.
[Actually, before my parents were married.]
Memere (memay) is slowly losing it mentally, [Obviously, I’m the Queen of Tact at this age.] the way Uncle Jerry keeps a tab on her medicine she might die in a year or so, probably not but what do I know she’s 83 something (Alzheimer’s disease). [I loved my Memere. It sounds harsh, but I was trying to document things as I saw it.]
Pepere [Okay, I had no clue how to spell this.] (pepay) died of diabetes like Grandma’s going to. He made it to see me when I was 1 week old. I smiled at him. [What a morbid little entry, Little Me!]