Think of Yourself As a Healer, Not As a Victim

[–from my “Uplifting Thoughts for Every Day” book]

Scripture: 2 Cor 1:3-4 — The God of all consolation…consoles us in all our afflictions and thereby enables us to console others in their tribulations.

Reflection: Self-pity is the cancer of the soul. You are called to be a healer, not a complainer. Be like Jesus. Think of others. This is the month of our Savior’s birth. Start pondering your mission in life. Call upon the Lord to make you a healer. Begin by canceling any thoughts you have about being a victim. Snap out of it.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, soul of my soul, brace me up when I drift into self-pity.

Ouch! That’s a little harsh! But, I suppose that we can all use a little bit of harsh now and again. And it is true — self-pity is not going to help anything, but prayer is always efficacious.

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