Daily Archives: February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I certainly celebrated Valentine’s Day today! Just not in the “usual” fashion. As I currently do not have a “significant other,” I decided to re-think this holiday.

Outside of the Hallmark and pornography industry’s efforts to turn this into some sleazy, consumeristic day, I decided that the real intent of the holiday was to celebrate love. So, I endeavored to do just that. I was more consciously loving to my neighbors and more considerate of others. I bought presents for some friends. I went to Confession to reconcile myself to the one who is love. And in combination with carrying out my penance, I tried to act in a loving manner toward myself. I had some chocolate (in the form of an iced mocha) and some coffee-covered almonds (thank you, Starbucks). I rested from cooking duties and had a lovely dinner of Cheerios (see below post). I read 2 of my newly-acquired library books and made notes on one of them (as part of my penance). And I allowed myself to not feel pressured over what I did and did not get accomplished today. I even got to spend time with a good friend! πŸ™‚

A pretty good Valentine’s day, as I see it. I hope that all of your Valentine’s days were also good and brought love into your life, in whatever form that took.

God bless you all!

Now, Don’t Cry, But…


Apparently, the structural integrity of my milk carton became compromised sometime after my dinner of Cheerios, and milk spilled everywhere inside my refrigerator, and eventually, onto the floor where I noticed it. Graciously, Niki decided to help me with clean up efforts! πŸ™‚ I transferred the remaining milk into a 2 liter bottle which had previously contained Squirt, trying not to sing the Lime and Coconut song…. πŸ™‚